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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Apr.24,2023 Henkel in Duesseldorf (DE)
Compliance Statement
Apr.24,2023* Hundsun Technologies in (CN)
Apr.24,2023* International Healthway Corporation
Apr.24,2023* Lindeteves Jacoberg
Apr.24,2023* Norcod AS
Apr.24,2023* Pharaoh Tech for Control and Co Communication Systems SAE
Apr.24,2023* Pyrophyte Acquisition
Apr.24,2023* Renren in HongKong (CN)
Apr.24,2023* Shemen Industries in (IL)
Apr.24,2023* Song Da Industry Trade Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.24,2023* Studsvik in (SE)
Apr.24,2023* Trans-Asia Petroleum
Apr.24,2023* Viet Nam Golf Tourism Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.25,2023* AKKO Invest
Apr.25,2023* Al Badia Cement JSC
Apr.25,2023* Amata B.Grimm Power Plant Infrastructure Fund
Apr.25,2023* Askari Life Assurance (formerly: East West Life Assurance Company) in Karachi (PK)
Apr.25,2023* Ben Thanh Rubber Joint Stock
Apr.25,2023 BRE Bank in Warschu (PL)
Apr.25,2023* Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
Apr.25,2023* CK Power
Apr.25,2023* Colex Holdings in (SG)
Apr.25,2023* Conzzeta in Zurich (CH)
Apr.25,2023* Dai Truong Thanh Holdings Energy Investment JSC
Apr.25,2023* Dong Nai Tourist JSC
Apr.25,2023* Eastern Commercial Leasing in (TH)
Apr.25,2023* Editions du Signe in (FR)
Apr.25,2023* Energia de Casablanca in (CL)
Apr.25,2023* Entra
Apr.25,2023* Gemadept in (VN)
Apr.25,2023* Glodon Software
Apr.25,2023* GVC Holdings in (UK)
Apr.25,2023* Hannibal Lease
Apr.25,2023* Hemaraj Industrial Property and Leasehold Fund
Apr.25,2023* Holcim Argentina in (AR)
Apr.25,2023* Hotel Colon Internacional CA
Apr.25,2023* I-REIT Global Management-REIT
Apr.25,2023* Indorama Ventures
Apr.25,2023* Inmobiliaria Central de Estacionamientos Agustinas in (CL)
Apr.25,2023* Inter Pharma
Apr.25,2023* Invest And Finance Securities in (PK)
Apr.25,2023* Klanica 8 Oktobar ad Petrovac
Apr.25,2023* Loma Negra Compania Industrial Argentina in (AR)
Apr.25,2023* Megakran Kereskedelmi es Szolgaltato
Apr.25,2023* MFC Patong Heritage Property Fund
Apr.25,2023* MFEC in (TH)
Apr.25,2023* Millionaire Property Fund
Apr.25,2023* Mo-Bruk in (DE)
Apr.25,2023* National Seed Joint Stock in (VN)
Apr.25,2023* National Takaful PJSC
Apr.25,2023* New Century AIM VCT
Apr.25,2023* Peerapat Technology
Apr.25,2023* PM Thoresen Asia Holdings
Apr.25,2023* Prakit Holdings in (TH)
Apr.25,2023* Quang Binh Water Supply JSC
Apr.25,2023* Raffles Medical Group in Singapore (SG)
Apr.25,2023* Renasant
Apr.25,2023* Rojukiss International
Apr.25,2023* RS in (TH)
Apr.25,2023* Sabana Shariah Compliant Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust
Apr.25,2023* Salee Colour
Apr.25,2023* Sevan Marine in (NO)
Apr.25,2023* Sociedad Hotelera los Tajibos
Apr.25,2023* Stepan
Apr.25,2023* Thai Metal Drum Manufacturing in (TH)
Apr.25,2023* TKH Group in (NL)
Apr.25,2023* Vulcabras Azaleia in (BR)
Apr.25,2023* WHA Premium Growth Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust
Apr.25,2023* X Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski
Apr.26,2023 AERcap Holdings in Amsterdam (NL)
Apr.26,2023* All Inspire Development in Bangkok (TH)
Apr.26,2023* Altra Holdings
Apr.26,2023* Amata Summit Growth Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust
Apr.26,2023* AMF Group AO in (RU)
Apr.26,2023* Anar Industries
Apr.26,2023* Anheuser Busch Inbev in Brussels (BE)
Apr.26,2023* Appirits
Apr.26,2023* Banco del Bajio SA Institucion de Banca Multiple
Apr.26,2023* BE Semiconductor Industries in Duiven (NL)
Apr.26,2023* Betlan Dos
Apr.26,2023* Bianor Holding AD Sofia
Apr.26,2023* Bumrungrad Hospital in (TH)
Apr.26,2023* Caisse Regionale de Credit Agricole Mutuel de Normandie Seine SCOP in (FR)
Apr.26,2023* Caisse Regionale de Credit Agricole Mutuel du Languedoc SC in (FR)
Apr.26,2023* Centara Hotels + Resorts Leasehold Property Fund
Apr.26,2023* Chargeurs in (FR)
Apr.26,2023* Club Hipico de Santiago in (CL)
Apr.26,2023* Cycle & Carriage Bintang Bhd
Apr.26,2023* Dasin Retail Trust
Apr.26,2023* Dhouse Pattana
Apr.26,2023* Don Muang Tollway
Apr.26,2023* ED INVEST in (PL)
Apr.26,2023* Ekachai Medical Care
Apr.26,2023* Elecster Oyj in (FI)
Apr.26,2023* Enersis Chile
Apr.26,2023* Firstfarms in (DK)
Apr.26,2023* Flow Traders
Apr.26,2023* Frontier House Co
Apr.26,2023* Getabec
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